In order to supply specialised equipment for Special Forces and Law Enforcement globally, Patriot3, an American-owned small business, launched operations in Quantico, Virginia in 2000. Currently, Patriot3 is made up of four divisions: Ballistic Products, Elevated Tactics Systems, Maritime and Kinetics.


Patriot3 works hard to provide cutting-edge solutions that satisfy the needs of their customers while providing unmatched capability and simplicity of use. They develop integrity by exceeding the expectations of their clients, upholding the greatest standards of quality, and enhancing their offerings.

They are aware of the need of pursuing continuous improvement through the application of cutting-edge technology and effective manufacturing techniques. A Tier 1 global solutions supplier, Patriot3 focuses on product design, precision manufacturing, product assembly, distribution, and equipment training.

Patriot3 provides a wide range of cutting-edge specialist gear for maritime activities. In harsh maritime settings, their products are made to improve mobility, stealth and quick-strike capabilities.

Their Maritime products include; 

  • Hammerhead SMV – Subsurface Multi-Mission Vehicle 
  • Jetboots – Underwater Diver Propulsion System 
  • Jetboots – Navigation 
  • Micro Navigation Boards – Compact Diver Navigation 
  • CRRC Navigation Board – Inflatable Craft Dashboard 
  • Combat Rubber Raiding Craft – Gear Stowage & Craft Recovery 

Elevated Tactics 
The industry leader in Elevated Tactics Systems is Patriot3. They enable special units and rescue teams take charge of challenging circumstances with the assistance of their vehicle-mounted equipment, which enable high access to buildings, planes, trains and buses.

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