Peltor protective hearing protection allow sounds to pass through when it is quiet but provides protection when it is loud. Ideas for settings with intermittent or unpredictable noise and can help you stay alert of your surroundings and communicate face-to-face with your colleagues.

Peltor protective hearing
Peltor protective hearing
Peltor protective hearing
Peltor protective hearing

3M™ PELTOR™ Solutions for today’s modern warfighter have been designed to use in combat and combat support operations, specifically for use with firearms and ballistic combat helmets. The hearing protectors feature external microphones for environmental listening (aka Talk-Through) capability, so operators can maintain auditory situational awareness while protecting their hearing. 
Considerations PELTOR took into consideration for Tactical Communications. 

Situational Awareness 
Protect against harmful noise, while allowing you to communicate with nearby colleagues, as well as hear warning signals, approaching vehicles or sound in machines. 

Two-way radio technology either integrated into the headset for an all-in-one or as a removable piece. 

Fit and Style 
A variety of styles provide fits in-ear, as a headset or attached to your helmet. Headset can also be worn 

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