SwabTek’s novel test kits set a new standard for narcotics and explosives presumptive field-testing with technologies that is simple, safe & effective.


SwabTek's dry, paper-based tests offer a secure and convenient means to get field test kits back into the hands of front-line security professionals. The test kits replace conventional testing kits with paper strips and are easy to use.

Users won't ever need to pour, mix, or crush packages full of dangerous and carcinogenic liquid chemicals as SwabTek's reagents are dry-powder and laid on paper, reducing safety risks from the testing process.

In addition to giving security professionals the tools they need to do their jobs effectively, this huge advance in user safety also makes it possible to conduct field testing in locations where it has never been possible before, including workplaces, classrooms, and even customers' homes.

The test kits from SwabTek are eco-friendly. They are non-hazardous and don't need any particular disposal techniques or neutralisers. They provide solutions for many areas including counter terrorism and counter narcotics.

Counter Terrorism: SwabTek offers tools for agencies responsible against the threat of terrorism that is reasonably priced, adaptable, and portable.

The Explosives Detection Tests by SwabTek are the ideal instruments for use in counter terrorism operations. In order to quickly identify threat substances and precursors, the straightforward, portable, and quick tests are a helpful addition to liquid and cargo screening procedures.

Transportation/Security Aviation, Cargo Screening, Border Protection, Mass-Gathering Security & Maritime are all applicable.

Counter Narcotics: At crucial points in the trafficking of illegal drugs, SwabTek offers a quick, secure, and reliable way to check for narcotics.

The General Narcotics Test Kit from SwabTek is a flexible test that can identify the majority of illicit drugs on a single screen. The best places to use this test are in high-traffic screening situations with zero-tolerance drug policies, like mail screening, cargo screening, and in corrections contraband detection.

Applications are available for Commercial Vehicle Inspection, Border Protection, Contraband Control in Correctional Facilities and Counter-Narcotics Task Forces.

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