Daniel Technologies | 20 Years | 2002 - 2022

20 Years Working Together

The achievements of Daniel Technologies over the past two decades are the result of combined efforts of every individual that is part of our community. The journey would not have been possible without the dedication, drive and support of all involved. 

To Our Customer Base

We would like to express our gratitude for your loyalty, trust and unwavering support in our ability to work in this amazing industry. During our 20 years in business, we have been honoured to work tirelessly on your requirements for the most demanding operations.

To Our Employees

Without the Team, we would not be positioned, as we are, in the industry today without the incredible efforts made at every challenge and difficulty. Your commitment to the company’s vision and values shows in the fruition of solid relationships made at every level with our Customers and Partners.

You’re Simply The Best, Thank You

To Our Partners

20 years working together, we recognise the importance of establishing collaborative partnerships that bring extraordinary synergy to both Daniel Technologies and our customer base. This is evident in the many successes and sometimes fails we have shared together


Daniel Technologies will continue its manifestation of its Core Values “Credible, Specialist Knowledge, Professionalism, Experience, Discretion and Being Dependable” Again, we are most humbled and grateful for the continued trust, support, guidance and cooperation from our customer base and partners. We look forward to #EquippingYouWithConfidence for many more years to come.

Daniel Technologies