The LJD Sniper Helmet – ArmorSource

One of Daniel Technologies Core Partners, ArmorSource has delivered a replacement for the (ACH) Advanced Combat Helmet with the introduction of its newest boltless ballistic helmet technology in the industry. 

The ‘Gen II Ultra-Lightweight Ergonomic Advanced Special Command Helmet’ herein referred to as the LJD Sniper Helmet.

Designed to protect the user from ballistic threats, fragments, and other environmental requirements. Everything about the LJD Sniper Helmet is truly impressive, from the ergonomic ballistic helmet shape, adjustable retention and suspension systems which allow the user a full range of motion in different applications in an operation environment, to the compatibility the helmet have with critical mission equipment.

Daniel Technologies has worked with ArmorSource for many years, distributing their Advance Ballistic Head Protection. ArmorSource is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ballistic helmets as a result of their production capabilities and their advanced ballistic solutions. At present they are manufacturing over 20,000 ballistic helmets per month.

Aleksandra Gurjanova, Project Support, commented “The main advantage The LJD Sniper Helmet has over its competitors is undoubtedly the weight (1.38kg Large) of the helmet, encompassing the latest profile in Warfighter ballistic head protection. At its core, the hybridization of superior ballistic fabrics, Fragmentation performance & a boltless Team Wendy Cam-Fit ™ BOA retention system”.