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Siodewinder Rescue

Streamlight Sidewinder Rescue

Introducing the new Personal Distress Marker Light. The Streamlight Sidewinder® Rescue has all of the functions of a Sidewinder® personal illumination tool with all the visibility you require in a strobe/beacon. Featuring White, Blue, Green and IR LEDs that require no fi lters, the Sidewinder® Rescue can illuminate pre-fl ight checks, serve as a cockpit illuminator, and allow you to conduct covert or eye-safe in fl ight activity. You can select from 50 BPM or 110 BPM for a ground based visual location signal or a water rescue distress beacon strobe. All this, and conveniently powered by AA batteries. Plus, it fi ts all existing mounts for combat, fl ight, and operator style helmets. The new Sidewinder® Rescue from Streamlight, helping to make sure no one gets left in the dark.

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