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FIRSTSPEAR Amphibian Plate Carrier System

The Amphibian Plate Carrier System designed by FirstSpear is a plate carrier with inflatable tactical aid flotation devices specifically designed for covert operators, combat swimmers, and/or maritime airborne operations personnel.

The Amphibian System was designed to incorporate BCs (buoyancy compensators) as well as manually Activated Floatation Cummerbund which provides:
• 80lb/36kg/355N of lift at surface (sea water)
• 57lb/25kg/253N of lift at 4.5m (sea water)
• 45lb/20kg/200N of lift at 10m (sea water) Each system comes with a standard cummerbund and maritime cummerbund (CTFSS -Cummerbund Tactical Flotation Safety System), as well as a 2in belly band for extreme hot locations or confined work space.

The CTFFS includes two welded flotation bladders, two inflation systems and two firing handles. The bladders are reusable welded fabric that deploy under the arm when deployed manually by the two CO2 cartridges. There are two oral inflation tubes for a secondary inflation method located on the CTFSS.

The Amphibian has been a great addition of PPE to the private security industry involved in maritime operations and is available ex-stock in black, coyote and ranger green.