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We are looking for a Digital Content & e-Commerce Specialist.

This is a seriously interesting role that will require a special kind of person, skilfully experienced in digital marketing & ecommerce with a mind that can switch from organized and structured to imaginative and original.

Are we asking the impossible? Well no, because every member of our team is more than just a simple, one dimensional, job title. Daniel Technologies is already made up of proactive, dynamic and passionate people who, through their interwoven and collective expertise strive to excel within the company.

If the above is already starting to make sense to you, then you’re obviously the kind of person we’d be interested in talking to.

So if you have the professionalism, practical & consistent approach to getting the job done and feeling that being* inclusive in a *driven team is important to you then come & let us see how you can compliment & demonstrate your diligence to us, get in touch now!

Applications close on 7th February 2020.

Please send CV to