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In the world of International Law Enforcement, First Responders, Correctional and NGO's.  Performance is paramount among the men and women of this specialized professions, the name ASP is synonymous with quality. 

For over 30 years, the ASP Insignia has stood for innovative design. Flawless function. An unmatched standard of service.

ASP products are resident in over 81 countries and a multitude of Government agencies throughout the world. 

ASP Batons (Friction / Talon) form the foundation of the ASP product line. 

Restraints Handcuffs (Chain/ Hinge/ Folding Rigid) and TriFold's provide a full range of secure control options. 

Training products promote the safe instruction of ASP Tactical designs. 

ASP OC is devastatingly effective in a unique delivery system.  

ASP pioneering LED Lighting is incredibly bright and forms the fifth product category.