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Complete Parachute Solutions is a strategic alliance of unique market leaders providing specialized, state of the art parachute systems, training and related equipment for U.S. and International allied military and governmental entities.

They believe that specialization is the path to attaining top performance in any field. Creating a consortium from the strengths of the three shareholder companies, Performance Designs , United Parachute Technologies  and Sun Path Products , CPS has focused on system integration, customer support, and user training programs, to ensure superior customer service.

CPS customers require complete solutions that perform under the most demanding conditions. The shareholder companies have entrusted complete system integration responsibilities to CPS. We ensure that all components perform as a unified system. The extensive experience of the CPS staff makes this integration possible, and is combined with the backing and cooperation of the shareholder companies.

From their extensive interviews with user groups in the field, we have concluded that previously available military parachute systems have had several shortcomings in design, quality, performance and durability. Complete Parachute Solutions has successfully addressed these issues through the unique combination of shareholder company specialization, CPS system integration, and client training and support. CPS unified and focused approach will effectively meet the needs of our customers.

CPS has the most extensive military ram air parachute product line available in the world, complemented by altimeters from Alti-2  and the Military CYPRES AAD (Automatic Activation Device) from Airtec . This robust product line provides a wide set of options for our customers. From large guided cargo parachutes to personnel systems, CPS has the most rugged and reliable parachute systems available to maximize the effectiveness of your mission.