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For security Fiocchi has created and strengthened a special line that is appreciated worldwide for the quality of its ammunition. Fiocchi has in fact achieved a very high standard of production that has obtained the NATO AQAP 1, AQAP 110 and AQAP 2110 certifications and the NATO Stanag 4172 qualification, for 5.56-calibre and 9-calibre ammunition. 

Flattering success is also being achieved by the hunting and sport cartridges range with the EVO shot shell launched in 2006 and the more recent line of shot shells for 308/7.62-calibre rifles, as well as enhancement of the line of cartridges for rifles, from the .223-calibre Remington to the .338-calibre Lapua Magnum. 

Fiocchi is a privately owned company, run with the same passion and creativity as in the past, by the fourth generation of a family of entrepreneurs. For 135 years, as a leading player, this family has written the history of ammunition (in Italy and worldwide) and made constant investments in new technologies, not only to keep abreast of the times but also to seek solutions appropriate with the need for increasing respect for the environment.

Scrupulous controls of every single article in all its production stages, and the attention afforded by the commercial departments during the entire cycle of every order, are the fundamental aspects of the “Fiocchi” model and its key reasons for success. Indeed, only in this way does every cartridge and projectile leave the factory for all practical purposes “perfect” and reach its destination in the time and manner provided for in each supply specification.