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Kestrel  (Nielsen-Kellerman) has been in business for more than 30 years, and has focused relentlessly on meeting the specialized measurement needs of demanding outdoor customers. Olympic athletes, First Responders, Structural Engineers, Military & Special Operators are just some of the end users  who rely on Kestrel Weather Stations for accuracy and definitive data.

Every Kestrel Weather Station undergoes rigorous functional and sealing testing and, where applicable, calibration against NIST-traceable standards, before it leaves the plant. Every product is also covered by a full warranty against defect or failure to perform (two to five years depending on product). 

• Search and Rescue
• Drop Zone Safety
• Medic Support, Heat Stress Exposure
• Structural Engineering
• Aviation and Rail Safety
• Hazardous Material Response
• Sniper-Marksman Operations