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MOHOC™ know that the toughest warriors in the world deserve custom built gear to guarantee mission success. MOHOC™ is a technology company for Elite users. They understand the demands of performance under stress. Every piece of technology should enhance the user performance and never hinder the individual or compromise the team. Their initial offering, the MOHOC™ Military Action Camera, solves very real issues.

Sports cameras hinder operator’s abilities by getting in the way with their size, location and profile on a helmet, build quality, and their overall difficulty to operate under stress and while wearing gloves. These issues and the demand for quality footage has fueled their team to develop military-optimized cameras through innovative form factor, extreme ruggedization, and simple user interface. They deliver the highest quality video and photo capabilities with stunning 1080p HD quality for both training and mission operations. They are inspired by their users to deliver the lightest, toughest military-ruggedized and smallest helmet camera solution available today.

MOHOC™ – Beyond The Edge.